Wix Young Farmers

Sallie Woodward
Sallie WoodwardChairman 2016 - 2017
TEL: 07415 681655
Email: salliewoodward@hotmail.com
Jessica Allen
Jessica AllenSecretary 2016 - 2017
TEL: 07884 550762
Email: jessica_allen_95@hotmail.co.uk
Jenny Wild
Jenny WildTreasurer 2016 - 2017
Tel: 07713 992736
Email: jennifierwild12@hotmail.com

How Do I Join?

Contact Sallie!

Give Sallie a text on: 01234 567891 and ask when the next meeting is!

Meeting Place: The Haywain, Bentley Road, Little Bromley, CO11 2PL

Meeting Time: Thursday, 8pm

Why Join Wix?

We’re the most welcoming club in Essex with a competitive streak, and strive to always improve!

Wix is the oldest club in Essex and with nearly 40 member’s it’s still going strong. We are one of the furthest clubs out from central Essex but it doesn’t stop us from being high attenders at parties, fun days, and all things competitive!

We have members from all over the Tendring district and from all aspects of life. Many aren’t actually from the farming industry, but have got involved through friends, horses, or simply word of mouth. We find this benefits us as a club and makes us a lot stronger as a group. We can run throughout the year and are never dependent upon the weather or farming work load!

Saying this we have many member’s whose ancestors can be traced back through the club. One of our current member’s ancestor’s founded Wix, whilst another re-started it after World War Two. We keep our heritage strong with a few modern twists along the way!

Our usual meeting place is the Haywain in Little Bromley but we will often be found over the county exploring Hunt kennels, attempting to stay upright at Rollerworld, or trying our luck at Clacton Pier. We keep our programme as varied as possible to make it fun for all ages.

Although we are Wix young farmer’s, many of our member’s travel up to half an hour to join us, coming from Elmstead, Frinton, even Fordham. Wherever you are within Tendring there will be someone around to give you a lift! We promise it’s worth the journey.

 As a group we are very close and have all founded lifelong friendships, often getting together more than just the standard Thursday meeting. Please contact us if you would like any more information, we are all very friendly and welcome newcomers with open arms.