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Give George a text on and ask when the next meeting is!

Meeting Place: The Bell Inn 10 St James’ St, Castle Hedingham, Halstead, Essex CO9 3EJ

Meeting Time: Thursday, 8pm

Why Join Halstead?

Random and Laid back yet competitive with people from all backgrounds joining in.

Halstead Young Farmers, one of the largest clubs in Essex, always have a busy calendar. You will find us participating in activities, speakers and tours nearly every Thursday including brewery and diverse farm tours whilst holding our own events such as a fireworks display and black tie dinners. One Thursday a month(normally the first) is reserved for our monthly meeting which is held in the Bell in Castle Hedingham where upcoming club and county events are conveyed and individual opinions are taken on board.

As with any other club in Essex, we enjoy taking part in county sports events with several afternoons and evenings reserved for training for upcoming competitions, and this year trying to hold onto our spot at the top of the points table.

Not forgetting the fun and great social which we have taking part in the Essex Young Farmers show in May every year and of course AGM taking us up to Blackpool, but you’ll just have to join the several new members already giving Halstead a look to find out more!!

Ben Hopkins
Ben HopkinsChairman 2018-19
TEL: 07588 708072
Email: ben_hopkins@outlook.com
Paige Mitchell
Paige MitchellSecretary 2018-19
TEL: 07469 945472
Email: paige.mitchell@yahoo.com
Alex Howard
Alex HowardTreasurer 2016 - 2017
Tel: 07767 686731
Email: Howdy-Howdy@hotmail.co.uk

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