Maldon Young Farmers

Meeting Place: Often The Bell, Tolleshunt Major,  but give the chairman a text to check! 

Meeting Time: Tuesday, 7.30pm

Meet the Team

Jamie MarshallChairman 2019-20
Tel: 07542 923133


Sydney GallagherSecretary 2019-20
Tel: 07860 345738


Frankie NunnTreasurer 2019-20
Tel: 07807 182926


About Us

Maldon Young Farmers is about getting stuck in and having a great time with great friends! We have a brilliant range of members of all ages between 16 to 26 in a variety of professions, from farmers, students – to teachers and police officers. As long as you get stuck in and like having a good time then you’ll fit right in. 

Every week at Maldon provides something different – if you really wanted you could fill Monday to Friday with the activities both at club and county level! Although we meet every Tuesday for our weekly meeting, you may also be interested in going along to football on Monday nights from October to February, or when the season comes around there’s always Tug of War training every Thursday and Monday (a guaranteed laugh and fitness boost).

 Of course, this wouldn’t be Young Farmers without a beer or two… You can find Maldon members at every party – whether it’s a get together at club level or a party across the county or just a good old jolly down the pub, a good time is always to be had on a Friday!

Maldon YFC are known for always having a good turnout at county competitons, coming within the top 2-3 places at almost every one, so if you’re keen to get stuck in there’s always a team to join whether it be in a rugby team, Tug Of War, pub quiz night, or our personal favourite prelims infamous car squeeze!

Aside from all of the fun, we also put on plenty of charity events every year. These have become great ways for us to help raise the good profile of Young Farmers around Maldon as well as help to give to those who need our support. Annually we sell Christmas Trees, which has become quite the competition amongst the chairman all wanting to break the last years target…… though this does usually end with the tradition of netting the chairman… unfortunately though, that’s one tree that always goes unsold! Another event we hold is our annual charity Clayshoot on Easter Sunday, bringing not only ALL the young farmers clubs together but shooters from all over East Anglia to have a go to see who can win the cash prize! It’s no surprise that here in Maldon one of our members won the national clay shoot competition.

If you’d like more information feel free to like our Facebook page or find us on Instagram to see what we’re all about!

Coming Up

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