Meet The Team

Jack Garwood

County Chairman

Jack Anger

Vice County Chairman & EA Rep

Lydia Freeman

F & GP Chairman

Robbie Cargill

Show Chairman

Marcus Bailey

Honorary Treasurer

Robert McGowan

County President

Mary Priest

County Organiser

Carole Cooper

Assistant to the County Organiser

Executive Committee 2018-19

Anna Cooper

Executive Secretary

Shannon Rowsell

Activities Chairman

Ben Cove & Billy Vaux

Countryside Chairmen

Owen Embleton & Luke Oliff

Competitions Chairmen

Katie Whitley & Megan Cowell

Subscribers Chairmen

Sallie Woodward

Fundraising Chairman

Joe Andrewartha


Tom Novorol

Press Officer

Jess Faulkner

Social Media

Fiona Rust

Magazine Editor

Ben Sell


Ben Tebbut


Beth Speakman

Training & Development

Molly Lenton & Marcus Bailey

EA Reps