Training & Development

Both Essex YF & NFYFC offer a range of Training & Development opportunities. Carrie-Anne Adams and Marcus Bailey have both recently completed the ITOL Certified Train-the-Trainer course which means they can now deliver The Curve modules developed by NFYFC as well as being able to develop and deliver their own training material.

Carrie-Anne Adams

“I have been an active member of Halstead YF for about 10 years and held many different roles at both club and county level. I wanted to be a trainer to help give back to the federation and county, helping the newer members have as fun and well rounded experience as I did”

Marcus Bailey

“I’ve been a member of Colchester YF for 3 years and hove held many different committee roles at all levels of the federation. As the NFYFC Personal Development Chairman, I wanted to gain a greater understanding of the training we offered and to be able to help develop the next generation of YF’s”

Essex YF

If you are an Essex Young Farmer and would like to apply for some funding to go on a course then please download the below form and have a read of the guidance notes. When you complete the form, please remember to put as much information about yourself and tell us what you have been involved with as a YFC member as this will help the panel decide if they can offer you the funding.

The people who decide if you are eligible, and if so how much to offer you are the members of the Finance & General Purpose Committee (F&GP) – they meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month and will discuss all applications. Once you have been approved, you will need to arrange to take your course (please remember we only contribute towards the training itself and not the test fees). You will need to pay the company directly and then send a copy of the paid invoice to the County Office who will then arrange to pay the amount agreed directly into your bank account. It is not a problem if you have already taken your course before the funding is approved – as long as you send in the paperwork as per above within 2 months of undertaking the training.

This is the form along with the guidance notes, but please contact County Office if you have any queries (T: 01245 360442 E:

How to Apply Guide
Application Form

National YF

If you’re a young farmer you may already think you know your onions. But you might be surprised at the huge range of training that NFYFC offers to help you brush up your skills or learn something completely new that can help you and your club.

Just by taking on a role in the running of your club, you are automatically learning essential leadership and team working skills. But our internationally recognised training courses help you fine tune these and prove to employers, colleges and universities that you really are as good as you say you are!

If you are in search of some hands-on practical skills, then look no further. We offer training in a range of agriculture skills, from meat for the market to dry stone walling. Why not take a look at the Courses available to members?

NFYFC Courses